The Boxing Shop designed to teach the 3-17-year-old child the fundamentals of boxing whilst building their everyday confidence, respect, focus, and discipline.


The Boxing Shop welcomes mums, dads, athletes, sporting teams, students and fighters.  For the best boxing and fitness experience, Brisbane has to offer, visit The Boxing Shop today!


We are working with Schools and Community groups to help improve the lives of Children for last eight years. The Program is about Teaching young people Respect, Discipline and Leadership.

Head Coach & Founder

Gareth Williams

Over the 12 years of Coaching, Gareth Williams has Represented Queensland at Australian Championships and overseas on many Occassions. Gareth has coached the Australian Junior Boxing team in 2011 when they won Australias first ever world championship gold medals (2 Golds to Clay Watermanand Jai Opetai). Gareth coaches both Amateur and Professional boxers from their first match through to the high end of world competitive boxing.


Success Oriented



Get fit, learn a skill and be encouraged by your own coach. Mon. 5:45pm Wed. 5:45pm

Power Pads

Work with a partner over 2 minute rounds and learn fast new combinations as instructed by your trainer. Tue. 5.45pm-6.30pm

Boxing Circuit

High Intensity Boxing Circuits that are appealing to everyone. Thurs. 5.45pm – 6.30pm Sat. 8am – 9am

6kg in 6 weeks

6 weeks group training classes; Walk/Running Program; Guided eating plan. Mon.-Thurs. - 5.45pm; Mon., Wed., Fri. - 6am; Sat. - 8am.

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Team of dedicated profesionals

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Gareth Williams
Head Coach
Shara Romer
Head Coach
Jess Cashman
Group & Personal Trainer

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Address / Brisbane:

The Boxing Shop Nathan Sports Centre N36 Recreation Road Nathan Qld 4111

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